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From SolarCrate LLC comes the latest in emergency backup power for your home. SolarCrate’s GenaCrate is a battery-based solar generator that can easily power the critical circuits around your home during emergencies and grid failures. The GenaCrate can power your refrigerator, freezer, lights, fans, television, computers, modems and routers, and most importantly, your well. GenaCrate requires no fuel of any kind to perform its mission. A bank of sealed, maintenance free AGM batteries is contained within the unit and provides the necessary power to keep your household functioning during emergency situations. A series of four pole or roof mounted solar panels (1KW total) efficiently charge the battery bank during the daylight hours while the GenaCrate continues to power your home. Additionally, the GenaCrate can use the grid to keep the batteries topped off until needed. The GenaCrate plugs into the same receptacle and transfer switch used by all of the fossil-fueled generator sets on the market today. Or, GenaCrate can be wired into a separate subpanel that powers your critical circuits 24/7 so you’ll hardly know if the grid has gone down. The GenaCrate can be placed along a wall in your garage or in a 4 X 6 outdoor shed.